Game-changing AI for Global Customer Care

The greatest invention of mankind is now
accessible to automation:
our language

We understand meaning, context and intent of your customers' requests. No matter how they address you.

All Channels. All Languages.

Our unique technology works for all communication channels with one language-agnostic model. Email, phone, IVR, chatbot, text documents, fax, social media, you name it!

Delivering Structured Data.

We understand natural language like no other solution. We can extract all the relevant information from unstructured customer requests and deliver it to the system of choice.

Unparalleled Accuracy.

We understand up to 100% of customers' requests, independent from the channel and the complexity. We bring your customer care processes to the next level within weeks.

This is how we do it.

Built-in World Knowledge

DEEPSEARCH's AI knows more than 120.000 "concepts" of the real world. This reduces training requirements dramatically and boosts intent recognitions.

Multiple Intent Recognition

Often customers communicate vaguely or state multiple requests in a single conversation or email. No problem, we got you covered with next level customer support.

Automation + Augmentation

Besides automating a variety of communication channels, we have unique skills in augmenting call center agents in even the most complex live call situations.

No Coding Required

Instead of relying on expensive engineering time, we give you an easy "lego-like" toolbox that your customer care team can use without coding.

Transparent AI Decisions

As one of the world's first transparent AI's every decision made can be tracked and corrected if necessary. Don't rely on a black-box in business critical processes!

Harmonized Processes

We use one model for all communication channels and languages. This way we can guarantee consistent request resolutions for every channel.

Powerful industry solutions with seamless integrations
in existing customer care processes.


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Customer Care

Our solution is built for customer care. Besides fully automating customer requests, we augment agents in live calls leading to faster and higher quality resolutions.

Systems Integration

DEEPSEARCH integrates into existing systems with a REST-API. Our technology boosts ticketing or RPA systems with structured data from any natural language source.

Industry Solutions

We have ready-to-use industry solutions with built-in domain knowledge. This speeds up the integration and reduces the need for training data dramatically

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