DEEPSEARCH Company Purpose.

DEEPSEARCH autonomously solves human cognitive tasks through natural language understanding.

Automotive 1958

Automotive 2021

While mechanical tasks (like in the automotive industry) have been vastly automated in the last 60 years, cognitive tasks still remained human territory as you can see in the photo below. DEEPSEARCH is about to change that image by spearheading the next BIG revolution, the automation of human cognitive tasks.

Customer Care 1958

Customer Care 2021


We believe that the next BIG revolution in our industrial age is the automation of cognitive tasks, which until recently required human intelligence and judgement. DEEPSEARCH helps enterprises leverage the vast potential of natural language understanding in their organizations.


DEEPSEARCH aims to be the leading NLU platform, spearheading the automation of human cognitive tasks on a global scale. Being language- and application-agnostic, DEEPSEARCH has the means to create the world’s first general artificial intelligence for natural language understanding.

The Management Team.

DEEPSEARCH has a stable and skilled team since its founding in 2010, led by an experienced serial entrepreneur.

Roland Fleischhacker, CEO

Roland founded the first Austrian SAP partner in 1988. He merged the company with Plaut, grew the team to over 500 people and developed the successful business model that led to the IPO of Plaut. He is a serial entrepreneur and built a top-class personal network over the years.

Michael Haller, COO

Michael was a professional basketball player, he holds a master degree in business administration and founded his first company at age 29, after two brief career stations in investment banking and private equity. Before joining DEEPSEARCH Michael was the CEO and co-founder of FinTech startup DOMONDA.

Reinhard Pötz, CTO

Reinhard co-founded DEEPSEARCH with Roland. The two have been working together for over 15 years. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, the world’s largest open-source organization. Reinhard is a proven expert in semantic web and an excellent team builder.