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Interpretation different numeric values in a text

In this demo we analyze a written text with different numeric values. Depending on the indication of amounts and/or packing units the proposed answer changes automatically. At the end you can see the denial of the order due to age restriction and alcohol level.

Transcript of the analyzed text

I want to order Wodka: I take 2 bottles
I want to order Wodka: I take 2 boxes
I want to order Wodka: I take 12 bottles

I am 19
I am 17

 My current alcohol level is 1,2.

Proposed Solutions

DEEPSEARCH automatically detects the proper business cases that apply to the situation. It weights the cases with probabilities and ranks them by size. In the video shown business cases are properly identified:

1. Regular order

2. Bulk sale

3. Denial – age restriction

4. Denial – alcohol level