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Reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction with ground-breaking software technology.

How DEEP.assist works


  • 1


    Customer concern is registered

  • 2


    Content is analysed in real time using the latest semantic, linguistic and neuroscientific methods

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    Problem is evaluated and solutions provided within split seconds


Industry solutions

Thanks to our flexible knowledge base, DEEP.assist can be customised within just a few days to cater to any industry and any task.

Facility services

DEEP.assist for facility services is a turnkey solution for property management companies and facility service providers.


Together with our pilot customers, we’re developing a solution for online banking.


Together with our pilot customers, we’re developing a solution for online help desks in the field of property insurance.

Enterprise Search s the next-generation enterprise search solution. Based on our extensive expertise in the field of semantic analyses and search engines, we have implemented a highly flexible and powerful application for enterprise searches. Amongst other things, offers:

  • Federated Search: search across multiple data sources (CMS, DMS, ERP, CRM, file systems, databases, websites, etc.)
  • Cross Language Search: simultaneous content search in multiple languages
  • Entity Recognition: extraction of meaningful terms within a text
  • Result Tagging: individual weighting of search results for different company departments
  • Multi Search: sext-based, topic-based, geographical and image-based searches

Like all other DEEPSEARCH products, is based on our DEEP.delphi search framework and unifies advanced technology with practical applications.

Universal programming platform for search-based applications

DEEP.delphi is a modular programming platform for the development of powerful search applications. The platform covers the whole process from retrieving, analysing and optimising content to building intuitive user interfaces. The highlights of DEEP.delphi are:

  • RESTful API: without exception, all functions are provided as RESTful services
  • Knowledge base: all components can make use of the integrated knowledge base
  • Modularity: all components are individually expandable and interchangeable
  • Clusterable: in terms of reliablilty and scalability
  • Multi Search: text-based and semantic search, geo search, image search based on Apache Lucene/Solr

All DEEPSEARCH products are based on the powerful and reliable DEEP.delphi platform.