Next level AI for the Enterprise.

DEEPSEARCH's single model approach works for every communication channel and language, harmonizing request resolutions and boosting productivity in your organization.

AI beyond the hype. AI with real impact.

For whom?

Customer Care & ITSM

Our product DEEP.assist is built for customer care and IT-Service Management. Most business processes start with a customer message. DEEP.assist understands the meaning of that message and extracts the relevant information.


Automation + Augmentation

For channels like email or fax, fully automated business processes can be put in place with automation rates of up to 100%. For direct channels like phone or live chat, agents are assisted in real-time by DEEP.assist.


Saving big bucks

We basically understand ALL of your customer requests, simple or complex, on EVERY channel. We can reduce the TOTAL cost of ALL customer interaction in your organization by 30%-50%. Any questions?

We improve your most relevant metrics.

We dramatically improve north star metrics in customer care by understanding the content of every customer communication. Independent from channel and articulation.

Training Cost


up to


 Training of agents comes down to days instead of months.

Message Cost*

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up to


 Next level automation with Enterprise-NLU from DEEPSEARCH.

First Contact Resolution


up to


 Increase in your first contact resolution rate (FCRR).

*) Channel email: includes triggering and executing the subsequent business process with RPA

It doesn't stop there. Understanding the meaning of customer communication creates a universe of opportunities.

The Holy Grail of AI

Natural Language Understanding is often referred to as the Holy Grail of AI in expert discussions, because it triggers the biggest revolution in the history of our industrial age:

The automation of human cognitive tasks.

DEEPSEARCH is the leading technology for Natural Language Understanding. Its proprietary AI sets new standards in the industry.

Be a leader in applied AI and push your organization to the next level. Join the revolution now and boost productivity in your customer support division within weeks.