The world's first Enterprise-NLU platform.

Enterprise-NLU is a new product category that delivers next level NLU for the enterprise. Business critical features include decision traceability and a single-model architecture (real multi-channel).

Email Attachments
Text Documents
Fax (OCR)
Image-to-Text (OCR)

Skill-Based Routing

A basic functionality for emails, attachments, IVR and all documents. DEEPSEARCH analyzes the message content and guides it to the right person or process.

Automated Answers

DEEPSEARCH can give automated answers based on the content of a message or text. This applies to all of the above channels.

Automated Transactions

With transaction automation any information from unstructured text can be extracted and processed. The ultimate productivity booster for every channel.

Human Augmentation

The royal discipline: real-time agent augmentation in live customer calls. DEEPSEARCH cuts call durations by 30% and drives first contact resolution rates up.

We care about Customer Care.

DEEPSEARCH is dedicated to delivering the best solution for customer care. Our game-changing technology helps enterprises get ahead of the curve in a demanding field.

Agent Augmentation

Besides automating a variety of communication channels, we have unique skills in augmenting call center agents in even the most complex live call situations.

Chat-/Voicebot on Steroids

Put your bots on steroids, make them understand even vague problem statements rather than short commands. Your customers will finally experience meaningful conversations.

Email Content Automation

DEEPSEARCH understands the content of emails and their attachments, even complex mails with multiple intents. Relevant information gets extracted for downstream process automation.

Social Media and Messenger

Be in control of your social media channels. Give automated answers to questions or get informed immediately if customer messages get problematic.

Intelligent FAQ

Direct your customers to the proper articles in your knowledge data base. Unlike simple keyword-based search, DEEPSEARCH understands the real meaning of a question and delivers accurate answers.

Document Analysis

Our technology also works for your office documents. Screen text based on specific content or get important data extracted automatically. You will love it!

Data / Information extraction examples from any natural language source

Names and their roles, time values (absolute and relative), termination reasons, customer IDs, (multiple) intents, any custom information desired, bank details, addresses, orders, order amounts, units, complaints (and their reasons), appeals, language detection and thousands of options more. Basically anything you can think of.

One model. All channels and languages. No more info silos!

Seamless integration into your software infrastructure.

DEEPSEARCH integrates into your existing IT infrastructure with a REST-API. Delivering next level Artificial Intelligence to legacy systems.

CRM / ERP and Ticketing Software

Automate and auto-fill existing forms or fields with any information from a natural language source. DEEPSEARCH understands the content like a human does and can trigger downstream processes in the system of choice.

RPA Software

DEEPSEARCH is the perfect data delivery software for RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which needs structured data to automate low-value repetitive tasks. By providing structured data from any natural language source, DEEPSEARCH creates a universe of new process automation opportunities.

Chat- / Voicebots

Put your bots on steroids, make them understand even vague problem statements rather than short commands. Your customers will finally experience meaningful conversations. DEEPSEARCH boosts chatbot providers with a powerful alternative to common machine-learning based NLU engines.

Plug-and-Play Industry Solutions.

DEEPSEARCH's unique technology conserves universally reusable knowledge. It transforms data into domain knowledge that is ever growing.





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